Kegs/Chuggers Ladies attend All Girls Softball Blitz

May 8, 2022 | Events

All Girls Softball hosted their first blitz of 2022, fielding an impressive 6 individual teams from across Ireland. A Cinco de Mayo-themed, round robin tournament saw the ‘Pitches be Crazy’ team from Belfast, remain undefeated and take home the top standing.

Event poster for Cince de Mayo Blitz / Ⓒ All Girls Softball
The rosters of participating teams / Ⓒ All Girls Softball

A strong Kegs/Chuggers representation

We are proud of our club members from both teams, who took advantage of the good weather and good spirits, and enjoyed a day full of impressive and positive softball. The event was a true showing of how softball can bring people together, and encourage new friendships and a stronger community. A big shoutout to Lisa, Jenny, Claire, Kate, Kristin, Suzanne and Lauren who participated in the day from the Kegs Softball Club. And an incredible ‘thank you’ to the organisers and team captains who put the day together and went above and beyond to make it a hit!

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