Welcome to Kegs & Chuggers Softball

South Dublin softball club, competing in the Premier League and Division 1 League. Focused on good, fun competition.
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Upcoming Games


21 June @ 7pm / Kegs vs TNT


22 June @ 7pm / Chuggers vs Dublin Bay Packers


28 June @ 7pm / Kegs vs Batpak


29 June @ 7pm / Chuggers vs Usual Suspects


5 July @ 7pm / Kegs vs Dodder Dynamoes


6 July @ 7pm / Chuggers vs Renegade Reapers

Club News

The Triumphant Return of Kegfest

It was a mild, dewy Saturday morning in Ballsbridge.  The birds were chirping, the trees were rustling in the wind, and deep in the bowels of the Wanderers Rugby Club house preparations were being made for a day of softball, charity, and pints. KegFest had laid...

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50 Shades of Pink

TL;DR lots of jelly shots and the Kegs defend their Pink Blitz title from 2019 After two years in a covid-induced hibernation, the 22nd annual Pink Blitz returned in all its glory this year as 9 teams from across the island survived the battle against a never ending...

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Niall Mellon Blitz Overrun With Kegs & Chuggers

You couldn't throw a softball without hitting a Keg or a Chugger at Castleknock College over the weekend.  There were 27 club members competing in one of the biggest blitzes of the year featuring 11 different teams, two of which were the Kegs and the...

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The Legend of Kegs Softball

Partially based on a true story, forgotten over a 30-year period.

The genesis of the Kegs dates back to Pat Burke’s 21st birthday in 1990, where a game of softball was played in his front garden in Cahir, with a Wavin pipe and a tennis ball.

Tommy Kinsella then produced some Budweiser bats and gloves. Games on Thursday evenings at UCD commenced, leading to the first college team.

The group evolved, and after a few too many pints in the Burlington hotel, decided to enter the league in 1994, thus creating the first league-official softball team. The name was chosen in founding member Niall Ennis’s kitchen, after a not-so-tough choice between ‘The Babes’ and ‘The Kegs’ – and so Kegs Softball has blossomed and grown ever since!

Club Programs

Premier League Team


The Kegs are a co-ed slowpitch team, competing in the Premier League of Softball Leinster. The Kegs are a social and recreational, yet competitive team, with a lot of incredible men and women!

Division 1 Team


The Chuggers make up the other half of the Kegs softball club, a co-ed slowpitch team, competing in the Division 1 League. You won’t find a more supportive, fun and talented group of folks than the Chuggers.

Part of the Dublin Softball Community since 1994

Kegs Softball has a long track record of the promotion of softball within Ireland, as well as the development of players, their skills, and the community as a whole. We enjoy getting together for the love of the game, as well as some of our social and charity events.

Our Club Is Our Happy Place

Our club is an equal and inclusive place, that knows and appreciates the value of each of our players. We love meeting on the pitch, or in the pub, sharing our lives and experiences together.

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Want to Join the Club?

Interested in softball? We want to meet you! We’re an inclusive club who welcome players of all backgrounds and abilities. We’re here to help you navigate which team you’re a good fit for, improve your softball skills and, most importantly, have fun – together!