TL;DR – adding a third team, going international, more softball please

Well, the 2022 season was so much fun that the Kegs Softball Club decided that the only answer was MORE SOFTBALL PLEASE.  

After adding 19 new members last year plus a few more joining us for the 2023 season, the club is excited to announce the creation of a third team – The Brewers!  

The aptly named Brewers will be our development team starting in Division 3 where new players can hone their softball skills in a safe environment while still very much being a part of the broader Kegs Softball Club activities as well as the Softball Ireland community.  

On another exciting front, our weekend away at the Galway blitz was such a success last summer that the club also decided that we need to go international in 2023.  As such, a scouting party was formed to seek out potential tournaments to sign up for with our eyes open for co-ed tournaments in the US, UK, Spain, France, and Germany this summer. If anyone out there would like to suggest a tournament for us to consider outside of Ireland please send us the details!  #kegsgonewild

Our softball club has never been stronger and there’s so much to get excited for in the season ahead.  If you’re interested in joining our club send us a message or register here.