Kegfest 2022

A one-day blitz benefiting the Dublin YMCA and development and inclusion of women in sport


25 June 2022

9am – 5pm

Hosted at Wanderers Rugby Club, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4
Deadline to register: 17 June 2022



Blitz structure

  • 8 teams (4 competitive and 4 recreational)
  • Round robin play versus each of the 3 teams in each respective tournament
  • Teams are then reseeded and play a 4th match either for the cup (1st) or the plate (3rd) in their respective tournament
  • Lineup format will be standard WBSC format of 5 men and 5 women in each lineup. There will be additional incentives if more women are played.

Cost & what's included

  • €180 per team for registration
  • Cost of registration includes lunch plate for up to 15 people
  • Register and pay at the form on this page

Additional items

  • More food will be available on the BBQ after the tournament for purchase
  • Drinks also available for purchase in the clubhouse from 11am – or whatever time Fergus decides to start pouring drinks
  • Vegetarian/vegan options for either lunch or dinner can be available upon advance request


Space are limited!

Entry is on a first come, first pay basis.

Charity raffle

There’s more ways to win! Enter our raffle on the day to win some amazing prizes.

No outside alcohol

Wanderers does not permit outside alcohol, but the bar will be open from 11am.

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New Division 3 team: Welcome ‘The Brewers’

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President’s Report / Jan 2023

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The Triumphant Return of Kegfest

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Niall Mellon Blitz Overrun With Kegs & Chuggers

Niall Mellon Blitz Overrun With Kegs & Chuggers

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Kegs/Chuggers Ladies attend All Girls Softball Blitz

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Kegs Trivia Night

Join us for another social event to help raise Join the Kegs Softball Club for a evening of pints, trivia, and great craic, as your hosts Peter Murnaghan and Niall Ledford tease your brains with questions about sports, geography, pop culture and other categories! And all for a good cause, 100% of proceeds donated.

Raffle Prizes 

Pay for BBQ here!

Looking to grab some grub at the Blitz? You can pay here. Just bring your receipt to the grill as proof of payment.

Don’t forget to share all of your photos of the day and use #KegFest2022!

Kegfest Purchases

Pay for your raffle tickets or food from the grill here! Raffle drawing will take place after the blitz. You do not need to be present to win. Winners will be contacted via email.